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Why You Should Visit A Therapist For The Holidays

Give yourself the gift of mental health this holiday season.

As the holidays approach with unrelenting speed, it becomes easy to get caught up in planning festivities, family get-togethers, and celebrating with friends. Many of us have had enough of quarantine, isolation, and cancellations. We are more than anxious to resume the social connections that we rely upon so heavily.

Unfortunately, it is at these times that most individuals put off seeing a therapist. We often wait until January with New Year Resolutions or drop off due to being overwhelmed.

Here is why seeing a therapist during the holidays is imperative:

For fast-acting relief, try

slowing down.

-Lily Tomlin


Holiday preparations and gatherings, while a positive thing post-COVID, can quickly become highly stressful. Resumed normalcy, returning to the workplace, creating menus, holiday shopping, gift-giving, and financial constraints all contribute to the pressure during this time.

A therapist will help you manage the emotions that bubble up and support you as you navigate through the added tasks and details. Most importantly, your session will ensure that you set aside regular time for self-care and mindfulness.


Family get-togethers are notoriously tense situations. Dysfunctions can quickly become heightened until we suddenly find ourselves reliving our least favorite childhood memories.

A therapist will help you navigate and prepare with coping strategies such as self-esteem building, setting boundaries, and communication techniques.

Grief and Loss

It is not unusual for those who have experienced loss, particularly in recent months, to have increased feelings of grief. Grief comes in many forms; loss of a loved one, a job, a relationship, a sense of security, and even lost time or opportunities.

The compassion and support that a therapist provides will create opportunities to work through powerful feelings, offering the space needed for healing throughout this period.

Seasonal Changes

The holiday season ushers in shorter days, where we lose exposure to much-needed daylight. For some, this can prompt SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder), while others experience the beginning of mild depression.

It seems contrary to the events happening around us to feel down. However, the supportive environment of therapy will challenge negative emotions and thought patterns and enable you to craft solutions for these seasonal changes.

Post-COVID, we may begin to feel mixed emotions like regret over missing past events with relief that restrictions are lifted. We may feel the excitement of anticipation, combined with trepidation about the unknown year to come. A therapist's empathy during this season, whether in person or via telehealth, will allow you to fully engage in festivities with peace, joy, and holiday cheer.

Therapists at Promise Pathways are available to you throughout the holiday season. Do not hesitate to contact us with any questions, or reach out for support today.

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